• Radiant stove

A radiant stove works in the following simple way: After the stove has been fired up, the temperature of the stove’s body rises from which heat is radiated to the room. These types of stoves reach very high surface temperatures and are made of cast iron. The advantage of radiant stoves is that the cast iron body holds the heat and therefore radiating an even temperature while the stove is in use.

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  • Convection stove

A convective stove is designed with air channels between the main body and the outer casing of the stove. As the air is heated from the stoves inner body, it rises through these channels and is then convected into the room. These stoves are modern looking as opposed to radiant cast-iron stoves and have the advantage of heating larger spaces while keeping lower surface temperatures and therefore minimizing the risk of overheating in the area close to the stove.

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  • Storage heating stove

The storage heating stove is a fireplace made of ceramic or natural stone. The energy or heat generated by burning wood is absorbed by the ceramic storage core. Once the wood has completely burned, this core, as a heat exchanger, radiates the stored energy in the form of heat at a carefully dosed rate, releasing it over its surface for an extended time into the environment.

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  • Insert

An Insert fireplace is designed to slide into an existing fireplace and connected to the existing chimney. These modern looking heaters have a large viewing glass and usually comprise of a forced ventilation system to be able to convect heat more efficiently into the space. Inserts are highly efficient stoves.

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  • Boiler stove/fireplace

A boiler stove can be in the form of a free standing stove or fireplace unit, incorporating a boiler. These products provide heat to the space in which they are installed while simultaneously heating water that runs through the stove/fireplace. The hot water produced can either be sent directly to your radiator for space heating or stored in a buffer tank for late use.

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