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How to choose the right stove/fireplace

Some important considerations when choosing your stove/fireplace are:

  • The size and shape of space you would like to heat?

The volume of space you need to heat is directly related to the power output of the stove you need, however it is also important to choose your fire considering the shape of the heated space. A room where the stove can be relatively centred in the space can benefit from the direct heating of a Radiant stove. For a room that is long or where the heat needs to travel a further distance, a Convective stove would be a better option.

  • The thermal performance of your building. Wall type, insulation?

Thermal insulation goes a long way in reducing your energy needs, both in the summer and winter season.  With a well insulated building you reduce your energy needs for cooling and heating and in the case of having a stove or fireplace this means you will benefit and save on wood by having a smaller output stove, and reduced time of use. A storage heating stove is ideal to have in a well insulated home in which a low constant output of heat is required for keeping the space at a comfortable temperature without overheating.

  • Existing fireplace?

You can take advantage of your existing chimney by fitting an Fireplace Insert into your fireplace, which typically has an efficiency of around 80% compared to around just 15% efficiency of an open fire. If your fireplace breadth is large enough, you can also have a traditional Radiant stove placed in the fireplace and connected to your chimney. In both cases you will turn your wasteful open fire into a clean efficient heating source, saving you a great amount on firewood.

  • Other sources of heat that can be combined with a boiler stove, solar panels?

Homes that are heated through radiators either from a gas or oil boiler are well suited for a Boiler stove/fireplace. These stoves produce heat to the space as regular stoves but simultaneously heat water via a built-in boiler. The hot water is run through your system and therefore reduces the use of your conventional boiler. Larger boiler fireplaces can produce enough hot water for heating your whole house through radiators, in which case a buffer tank for storing hot water is a good addition to the system and offers complete autonomy from the use of conventional heating fuels. Solar collectors for supplementing the hot water are also a good addition to this system in order to reduce your running costs.

  • The importance of the stove to the heated space. Any other form of heating in the area?

Your stove/fireplace can be the sole heat emitter of your space if it’s sized correctly. However, if you have other sources of heating, you may wish to have a stove/fireplace installed for top up heating or simply for the comforting effect that a fire provides you with on a winter evening. In this case, a smaller output can be considered with emphasis on the style you wish to have.

Please contact us and we will go through your heating needs with you and advise you on all options, so that you can make the best decision based on energy efficiency, ease of use, long term payback and of course, your budget.