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Information on Photovoltaic Systems- Net metering scheme in Cyprus

Why photovoltaics:
The Photovoltaic system (PV’s) is now a proven technology for harvesting the abundant energy from the sun in a way that does not produce any by-products harmful to the environment.  In recent years, the technology has improved giving higher efficiencies on solar panels and the cost has decreased.  In this way, PV’s are now a cost- effective and environmentally- friendly way of producing energy. Cyprus has one of the highest solar radiation levels per square meter in Europe. This makes the island an excellent place to take advantage of the sun’s abundant energy.

What is the Net metering system?
The EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) is now giving out licences to households to produce their own electricity from PV’s installed on the house rooftops while still being connected to the grid. Electricity being produced by your installed PV’s, is fed to the grid via a separate meter which calculates the produced power. This power is stored as credit and can then be drawn back from the grid and be consumed at any time up to a calendar year with no extra charge.  This means that if you produce surplus energy during the summer months when there is a lot of sun and do not consume this, you can use the extra credit during the winter months. The advantage of the system is that no costly batteries are required to store the electricity being produced by the PV’s as it is fed in the grid resulting in a cost effective investment.

Application process:
The company providing you with the PV system will gather all necessary documents from you that are required for the application to the EAC who are bound to reply within two weeks of the application date. The relative documents to go along with the application are:

  • Title Deed of the building or building permit
  • EAC recent electricity bill
  • Last 12 month energy consumption of your household obtained from the EAC
  • Ordnance survey

The cost of the application which includes the EAC connection fee, extra meter and final approval once the PV system has been installed is 250 euro +VAT.
To be eligible to apply, the house must be your permanent residence, not rented.

Can the system be installed on my rooftop?
The solar panels can be installed either on flat roofs or on tilted rooftops. By law, the solar panels must follow the same angle of the tilted roof and in the case of flat roofs, the panels are fitted onto triangular aluminium mounting systems bringing the angle to the optimum level for the panels to work at their highest efficiency. For the system to work efficiently there must be minimum shading from nearby building, trees, solar collector units etc. The 3kw system requires a space of 20 square meters on tiled rooftops and 20-40 square meters on flat roofs depending on the mounting system. Due to the light weight of solar panels, the building is not subject to any static strength problem and can also be installed on your premises’ garage roof providing this has a building permit.

Economics of 3kw system:
A 3kwp system in Cyprus produces around 4800kwh average per year for the first 15 years of the systems life.  With the price paid for electricity for homes at around 26 cent per kwh, the system can save over €1200 per year. The price of the 3kw net metering system varies depending on the make of the solar panels, inverter and frames. In any case, the system has a 4-6 year payback period,( for homes that are occupied all year) making it a great economical investment. If your electricity needs are less, you can install a smaller system, for example a 2kwp system at less cost.

You can visit the Government’s Energy Department to view the current Photovoltaic system scheme in Greek here: