DPX45 – Attack

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Product Description

Product Specifications

Heat output: 45.0kw (fixed output for standard version), 16.0-40.0kw (profi, lamda version)

Efficiency: 90.2%

Dimensions (H/W/D): 1240/700/1440mm

Flue outlet diameter: 150mm

Weight: 490kg

Fuel: wood logs, wood briquettes

Max. Length of wood logs: 750mm

Length of feeding chamber: 790mm

Dimensions of feeding opening: 235-445mm


  • Optional electronic temperature control (profi version)
  • Optional advanced combustion process control ( lambda version)

Advantages of Attack wood gasifying boilers, DPX versions

  • Modern timeless design
  • High efficient tubular exchanger “flue gas-water”
  • High combustion efficiency of 90%
  • Low fuel consumption, Low production of emissions and ash
  • Wide output range of 14-45kw of boilers made in 3 modifications
  • Option to control combustion by the Lambda probe
  • Suction fan ensures balanced and efficient combustion and dustless operation
  • Fluently modulated fan rotations
  • Combustion of soft and hard wood
  • Big boiler hopper ensuring longer heating duration at one load
  • Possibility to load big wood logs
  • Minimum of waste
  • Easy usage and cleaning
  • Automatic boiler stop when fuel burns out
  • Automatic control of heat-up flap connected with opening and closing of the feeding door
  • Equipped with aftercooling circuit against overheating of boiler in the water
  • Quality boiler steel of 6mm thickness used for boiler manufacturing
  • Fireproof pieces resistant up to the temperature of 1350 Celsius
  • The boiler fulfils criteria of the highest class under the European norm EN303-5





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