FD32 – Attack

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Product Description

Product Specifications

Nominal Heat output-wood: 28.9 kw

Efficiency: 78-82%

Dimensions (H/W/D): 1001/470/655mm

Flue outlet diameter: 150mm

Weight: 280kg

Fuel: wood logs, coal, coke

Length of the combustion chamber: 490mm

Width of the combustion chamber: 300mm

Dimensions of feeding opening: 230-310mm


ATTACK BIOHEAT: Conversion set for the ATTACK DF boilers enables change of operation into wood pellets combustion also by already purchased and installed FD boilers

ATTACK PELLET BURNER AUTOMATIC: Fully automatic stainless steel burner for wood pellets with option to set output within the range of 8-30kw, automatic grate cleaning, automatic ignition, controlled start and regulated burning process.

Advantages of Attack cast iron boilers for wood and coal

  • Modern design
  • Long life of cast iron exchanger, extremely resistant against the low-temperature corrosion
  • Minimum failure rate
  • Efficiency of 82%
  • Wide output range, according to the number of elements
  • Reliability of regulation and safety elements
  • Easy usage and maintenance
  • Easy assembly of boiler covering by boiler installation in boiler room
  • Low requirements for chimney draught
  • Convenient placing of output regulator
  • Enlarged loading space for feeding bigger wood logs





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