Quality firewood cut to size

To get the best out of your wood burning stove or fireplace, you must fuel it with the best. We collect and season local wood as well as import kiln dried firewood from sustainable European woodlands so as to provide you with optimum heat.

The seasoned firewood we import is oak and ash. These are both hardwood which have very high heating values and considered among the best types of wood to use as firewood. The firewood logs are split and cut to lengths of approx. 30cm making them convenient to stack and to fit in even the smaller wood burning stoves.

We also stock hard local wood, mainly almond, lemon and eucalyptus logs.

FREE professional & reliable delivery

For your convenience, the firewood is delivered in bulk bags to your home. Please look at our PRICES to see all our available bio-fuel products.  We deliver FREE of charge in the Paphos, Peyia and Polis regions (minimum order quantity one bulk bag).