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  • Automatic air supply/control

Fully automatic control of the combustion air provides maximum control comfort. No power supply necessary, constant high degree of efficiency, heating cost saving, and due to clean combustion, a reduced cleaning effort.

  • Aqua heating

Aqua heating is a unique feature of the Tonwerk storage heating stove. Up to 50% of the energy produced from the stove is absorbed by a water jacket, placed between the inner core of the stove and the outer casing. The circulating water is then passed to the central heating system.

  • External air

Stoves and fireplaces that feature the external air intake system utilise the outside air for combustion and not the valuable air of the heated space. This technology is ideal for low energy buildings with higher air tightness values.

  • Clean burn technology

Stoves with clean burn technology preheat the air for combustion. This results to complete combustion and minimum waste particles of fuel and therefore improving the efficiency of the stove.